Minor Fault in Magnets Delays Big Bang Experiment of CERN


Researchers at CERN are set to carry out an experiment to challenge the Big Bang Theory.

The primary objective of the experiment is to prove the idea of parallel universe. The experiment was expected to begin on Wednesday; however a fault in magnets forced LHC researchers to postpone the re-launch of machine. The magnets are responsible to push charged particles to the other side of the track. The team of researchers found small metallic piece near the magnets that can slow down the heating process.

Federick Bodry, CERN director for accelerators, discussed that every cryogenic machine work as a time amplifier. Thus, it will take few hours or week to fix the magnetic

Before the fault, physicists intended to direct two beams of protons in opposite direction.  The rays will prepare the huge machine of subatomic particles. Previously, the first collision was scheduled to take place in the month of May.

The delay compels researchers to completely shut down the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) for a week or two.

Rolf Heuer, the director general of CERN, reported that all the conditions are ideal for great run 2. This kind of minor fault would not matter in front of such massive experiment.

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