Microsoft to Compete Google Chromebooks With New Windows 10 Laptops

Micorosft new laptop

Microsoft is set to compete with Google Chromebook with its new affordable laptops.

A latest leak reveals that the biggest tech giant is currently working on two inexpensive laptops. These laptops will reportedly work on Microsoft’s new operating system: Windows 10.  The laptops are expected to touch the markets in the middle of 2015. However, the firm has not yet officially announced prices of the upcoming laptops.

Nonetheless, there is a bad news for gamers that the new laptops are not meant for heavy gaming.  It would be a perfect option for users who merely use computers for word processing and web browsing. The major targeted customers for both the laptops are students.

These devices will come with a screen similar to Google’s chrome Book: 11.6 inch display.  Thus far, Google has launched a 13 inch and a 15 inch model of Chormebook.

As per a recent leak, the new devices will reportedly work on Intel’s Bay Trial platform.  It is the latest low end platform of Intel.  Numerous prominent tech firms such as Asus and Lenovo have incorporated it in their products.

Launch of low-priced laptops is definitely a wise move from Microsoft.  Generally, Google has attracted a large number of customers with its Chromebook. The computer has generated a large sum of revenue in the fourth quarter of 2014.

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