90% of Dietary Supplements Contain An Extremely Harmful Compound

harmful dietary supplements

A startling health research shows that several dietary supplements contain a substance similar to amphetemaine.

The substance, dubbed as BMPEA, is extremely harmful for human health. Majority of these supplements promise to increase energy and assist in weight loss. The substance can only be produced synthetically.

Two years ago, Food Drug and Administration has detected BMPEA in supplements. However, it did not issue any public warning regarding the substance.

Juli Putnam, a spokesperson of FDA, openly admits that the health agency was aware of the deadly substance. She informs that the study of FDA failed to find any specific safety concern at that time. Nevertheless, the federal health agency is set to take strong action against the drug manufacturers.

Shortly after the research, numerous supplement manufacturers have removed their products from market. The firm that manufactures Arco Black Series Burn officially confirmed that it has pulled all their BMPEA filled supplements.

Kathlene Reeed, an executive with Vitacost, reported the website’s move on the issue. She informs that FDA has not yet issued any warning concerning BMPEA. However, the website is pulling all the supplements to ensure safety.

The study printed in the Journal drug Testing and analysis is a part of major project. The project is designed to make certain the safety and effectiveness of the dietary supplements.

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