Brontosaurus is Back in Dinosaur’s Family Tree

Brontosaurus separate type

Brontosaurus is one of the most popular and recognizable dinosaurs. The animal was famous for its long tail and neck. Since last several centuries, paleontologist thought that this type of dinosaur never existed.

Recently, a team of British and Portuguese fossil researchers confirms that once these dinosaurs existed as separate genus. They included the name of dinosaurs in an evolutionary family tree.

Octavia mateus, a paleontologist at Portugal’s Universidad Nova De Lisbo, remarked on the science. He states that it is one of the best instances of how science actually works. Hypotheses that are completely based on fragmentary fossils are the major cause of it.

Emanuel Tschoop, the lead author of the study, explained the research in Journal Peer J.

Othniel Charles Marsh, a paleontologist, was the first one to categorize Brontosaurus. He discovered the dinosaurs two years after Apatosaurus in 1879.  Both the dinosaurs were pretty similar in terms of appearance and traits. Hence, experts concluded that the two dinosaurs belong to same gene

Tschoop along with his colleagues reviewed the entire classification of dinosaurs. They intended to create an appropriate and accurate method to categorize them. They analyzed around thousand characteristics of 81 fossil specimens.  In the end, researchers found that Brontosaurus is quite different from Apatosaurus.

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