Sheila Kitzinger, Prolific author and Expert of Natural Childbirth, Dies at 86

Death of Sheila Kitzinger

Sheila Kitzinger, anthropologists and prolific writer, has died at the age of 86. She was fighting from cancer since last few months.

Kitzinger wrote more than 25 books on childbirth. She was known for the development of a birth plan in the late 1970s. Her plan gave more choice to the pregnant women as she believes people should focus on mothers instead of doctors during child birth. In short, it opened new windows in the arena of gynecology.

In 2012, she compared second phase of labor with “multiple orgasm”. She faced severe criticism for this statement. A large number of gynecologist blamed Kitzinger for deflated hopes of pregnant women. In response, she stated that people should look beyond childbirth experts.

She considered that talking therapy is the best way to protect women from baby blues. Therefore, he established the Birth Crisis Network that allows mothers to discuss traumatic birth experiences. Kitzinger used to share mothers experiences on weekdays and weekends

Uwe Kitrzinger, husband of Sheila Kitzinger, called her “icon of home birth”.  He said that her wife decided to have a home death.

Some of her famous books are The New Pregnancy and Childbirth, The Experience of Childbirth, The Complete Book of Pregnancy, Ourselves as mothers and Understanding Your Crying Baby.

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