Heavy Lightning and Storm Scrubs SpaceX Rocket Launch

Falcon 9 launch cancelled

NASA postpones SpaceX Falcon rocket launch due to bad weather conditions.

The launch was cancelled just three minutes before the lift off. The heavy lightning and storm near the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station were the main reason behind it. The weather was worse than the expectations of mission scientists.

The Dragon spacecraft contains more than 4,300 pounds of food supplies and essential instruments. The Italian espresso machine, dubbed as ISSpresso, is the most noteworthy thing. The machine is specially designed to give home-like feeling to astronauts in the International Space Station.

Shortly after the launch, Space X will try to carry out an autonomous spaceport drone ship.  It is an ocean-going, floating landing platform of Space X. The space transport company uses it to receive the spacecraft.

Generally, such kind of rockets catches fire in the atmosphere of Earth. The US government space agency has faced similar kind of mishaps.  Thus, the CEO of the SpaceX planned an entirely new thing. He tries to launch reusable rockets to cut the cost of ordinary ones. The recent planned launch was a part of the NASA’s contract mission.

Space X has not yet reported any issue except the weather condition.

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