Medicare Care Competition Badly Affecting Nursing Homes

condition of Medicare

It seems like all the facilities of a nursing homes will soon become a dream. Thanks to the Medicare competition, it is speedily transforming nursing homes into a place similar to prison.

Nursing homes are struggling really hard to provide luxurious facilities to patients. Sadly, the quality of care is extremely poor even after their continuous effort. Even half of the nursing homes are not fulfilling the requirements of basic intensive medical care. Majority of them are facing shortage of nurses and doctors.

As per the recent report of Department of Health and Human Services, 22 percent of Medicare patients suffered because of the condition of medical care. Some of them even experienced minor injuries.

Additionally, the report reveals that Medicare had to pay approximately $2.8 billion due to such incidents.

Dr. Arif Nazir, an associate professor of clinical medicine at Indiana University, discussed the issue in detail. He informs that the objective of nursing homes is to provide facilities to people with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Unfortunately, these days they are doing more harm to patients than care.

Medicare pays more than 84 percent for short term patients. In comparison, nursing homes get comparatively less money for long term residents of nursing homes.

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