Pfizer Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promising Results

pfizer new drug

The clinical trial of Pfizer’s breast cancer was stopped due to efficiency issue. However, the firm resumed the clinical trial after the issues were resolved.

The breast cancer drug, known as Ibrance, has shown promising results in PHASA-3 study. The pharmaceutical firm officially announced that the drug demonstrates significant improvement in progression-free survival (PSF).

PSF is a time elapse during and after the treatment of deadly diseases such as cancer. In simple words, it is a condition in which patient live with the disease. However, the disease does not progress as the time passes by. In clinical trial, PSF is considered as a method to determine the effectiveness of a treatment or dug.

They used Ibrance with a breast cancer drug Fulvestrant.  The drug blocks the development of estrogen for the treatment of breast cancer.

Mace Rothenberg, senior vice president of Clinical Development and Medical Affairs of Pfizer, discussed the research in detail. He said that the outcome of the trial is pretty significant for cancer patient treatment. Additionally, the delay in trial turns out beneficial for the drug. It gave plenty of time to discuss the drug with other health professionals.

Presently, the pharmaceutical firm is waiting for the verdict of regulatory boards over the drug.

A few analysts predict that the new drug will generate around $5 billion revenue for the company.

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