Researchers Claim: An Artificial Photosynthesis System Can Give Cleaner Environment

artificial photosynthesis

An international team of researchers have developed an innovative system that can significantly cut greenhouse gases.

Experts from the University of California worked together with the U.S Department of Energy to create artificial photosynthesis system. The hybrid system works pretty similar to the natural photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is process through which plants transform light energy into chemical energy.

Similarly, the innovative system captures carbon dioxide directly from the plants. Scientists have incorporated a huge amount of titanium oxide nanowires and silicon in it.  The light-capturing part of the system is completely packed with bacterial population.

The gathered gas carbon dioxide gas can be utilized for numerous purposes. Scientists can use it to create useful chemical products such as fuels, biodegradable plastic and drugs. Thus far, it is the best way to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas from atmosphere.

Peidong Yang, a chemist at the Berkeley Lab, talked about the system in detail. He states that the system is a ground-breaking leap in the arena of artificial photosynthesis. The system has the power to entirely transform the oil and chemical industry. It will work as a completely new method to produce chemical and fuels.

In the same way, engineers from the Princeton University replicated the “blue print” of leaves in 2012. They wished to develop a more useful solar cell design. The design mimics structure of leaves with folds and wrinkles.  It permits researchers to generate 47 percent of additional electricity.

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