Volcano Erupts in Chile: 4,000 Residents Evacuated, All fights Cancelled


On Thursday, a volcano in Southern Chile erupted for second time in a day. The eruption threw smoke and ashes seven miles up into the sky.

Chile is a long n, narrow country stretching along the corner’s of South American western edge. It is located near the tourist town of Puerto Varas.

The volcano, known as Volcano Calbuco, is considered as one of its dangerous active volcanoes. Last time, it has erupted nearly four decades ago. However, it also released gases and steam in 1996

Shortly after the eruption, Onemi emergency office of Chile declared a red alert in the region. High officials immediately enforced curfew in the region.

Concerned authorities reported that evacuation orders has been given to people within the radius of 20 kilometers.  Up till now, more than four thousand people have been shifted to nearby area.

Derek Way, a resident of Puerto Varas, reported to Reuters that a large number of people were on roads when eruption occurred. Majority of them were going to gas station for gas fill up. Astonishingly, people did not panic at the time of eruption.

The eruption also compels authorities to cancel all the flights. Numerous people stuck at the airports of Argentina and Santiago.

Lucia Newman, a reporter of Al-Jazeera inform that the flights near 630 Km were not taking off.

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