Study Says, Long Term Exposure to Air Pollution Gradually Shrinks Brain

Air pollution damages brain

A latest medical study sheds light on the long term health affect of air pollution. It suggests that exposure to air pollution instantly damages brain.

Scientists from Boston University School of medicine worked together with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. More than 900 people participated in the research.  All of them went through MRI scan before and after the exposure to air pollution. Astoundingly, the close analysis of the MRI scans reveals a massive difference in brain volume.

In the end, Experts concluded that air pollution considerably cut the brain volume of the participants. Such reduction is equal to one year aging of brain.  Smokes from cars are the main cause of the air pollution.

Elissa Wilker, a researcher at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, explained the study. He states that long-term exposure to air pollution gradually decreases the size of brain.

Furthermore, the study shows that people who live in regions with high level of air pollution have smaller amount of brain volume.  Smaller brain can give birth to numerous brain-related issues such as memory problems, cognitive functions and thinking.  In addition, it also increase the risk of silent stroke up to 46 percent.

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