Contrary to Expectations, ER Visits hit Record High Under Obamacare

Poll on ER visits of Public

Emergency room visits have ascended up after the arrival of obamacare, as per the latest survey.

The primary objective of the Obama health care law is to cut down the ER visits of public. The president of America wants to encourage public to depend on their personal physicians rather than ER. Hence, he provided affordable access to primary care through Obamacare.

However, a recent report from the American College of Emergency Physicians showed entirely opposite outcome of Obamacare.  More than 2,099 doctors participated in the survey from all around the country.

The outcome of the analysis shows that number of ER patients has increased since last January.  28 percent of the included doctors have observed a considerable surge.

Michael Gerardi, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, explained the study. He notifies that dependence on emergency care is at record highest. It is the only place where doctors are available 24/7.

A group of health experts tried to determine other factors behind the increase. They figured out that removal of penalty for visiting Medicaid and restricted timings of physicians are the major cause of it.

Specific timings of medical care make it difficult for people to visit physicians, says Gerardi.

According to the 2014 survey report, the Affordable Care act significantly decreased reliance on ER rooms

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