Study Finds: Measles Vaccination Also Fight Against Other Deadly Diseases

measles vaccines

A latest study reveals that vaccination against measles also protect children from the other deadly infectious diseases

Health researchers from Emory University worked together with experts of National Institute of Health and Erasmus University Medical Center for the study. They carefully looked at the data of before and after the initiation of measles vaccine in United Sates, Denmark, Wales and England. The primary objective was to determine the benefits of measles vaccine.

In the end, experts found that measles makes human body vulnerable to other diseases. Its damaging effect on immune system lasts for more than 27 months. Thus, there are chances that measles affected patients die from a disease which is not that deadly.

Jessica Metcalf, co-author of the study, discussed the affect of measles on human body. She informs that measles directly attacks the children’s immune system. It destroys considerable number of cells in the immune system. As a result, the immune system gets weak for long time period of three years.

The research also resolves mystery behind the sudden decrease in mortality rate after the introduction of measles vaccine. The vaccine was launched around 50 years ago. It lessens down the death rates in under developed countries up to 90 percent.

The paper is printed in the recent edition of Journal Science.

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