Thousands Participated in Susan G. Komen Race to Stand Against Breast Cancer

Komen breast cancer race

On Saturday, more than 600 people participated in the annual 5K Komen New Hemisphere Race for the cure.

The Susan Komen is a breast cancer foundation. Every year, the non-government organization arranges the largest fundraising event for breast cancer. In 2014, around thirteen thousand people took part in the event. They raised nearly $1.5 million for the deadly diseases. Such kind of overwhelming response encourages our team.

Every year, a large number of supporters, patients and survivors join the race. The primary objective is to benefit, and raise money for breast cancer.

Terry Farkas is the executive director of the Vermont-New Hemisphere. He reported that 40 new breast cancer survivors participated in this year’s race.

This year, thousands of women and families wearing pink T-shirts gathered at Strawberry Banke.   Awards were given to winners and famous breast cancer survivors were discussed like Joan Lunden.

Lunder, one of the hosts of Good Morning America, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. He went through nine months of painful cancer treatments. Last September, she was on the cover of people magazine with a bald head.

Maria Lapreay, a breast cancer survivor, expressed that the race is a big hope. Hope is the most significant thing to battle against breast cancer.

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