Orexigen Weight loss Drug Trial Ended Due to Early Data Release

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On Tuesday, a study of Contrave drug was cancelled because of an unauthorized early release of data.

Contrave is an antiobesity drug manufactured by Orexigen Therapeutics. The trial, dubbed as LIGHT, was specially designed to determine the adverse affects of the drug.

The early data shows that the drug reduces the risk of heart strokes, heart attacks and deaths up to 41 percent. However, the results were formed on 25 percent trial data.

Even though, the data in unreliable but it will increase the sales of Contrave. Doctors will begin to prescribe the drug on the basis of inaccurate study result. There are chances that final study may produce a different outcome. Therefore, the use of drug is not as safe as people are thinking.

Steve Nissen, head of cardiovascular medicine at Cleveland Clinic, discussed the issue. He states that the first priority of experts is the safety of patients.  Hence, it is extremely significant to get hold of more reliable information. Premature release of data has ruined the entire trial. Currently, experts are trying hard to correct the record as soon as possible.

Shortly after the release of data, the shares of the pharmaceutical firm ascended up.

On the other hand, the drug maker evidently refused to comment on the matter.

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