27 Years Old Mother Suffering from Skin Cancer Due to Tanning Bed Sessions

Tawny Willoughby

Horrifying pictures of a young woman has gone viral on a social networking site.

Tawny Willoughby, a 27 years old woman, developed skin cancer due to tanning bed sessions.

Willoughby informs that she used to take tanning bed session four to five times in a week in high school.

Six years ago, dermatologists told her that she is suffering from last stage of skin cancer. Luckily, she does not suffer from melanoma but she has to bear a series of treatments on daily basis.  However, doctors give her use liquid nitrogen in order to avert the growth of tumour.

Melanoma is one of the most common types of skin cancer. It usually attacks adult between the ages of 25-29. Some of its prominent symptoms are change in shape, size and colour of skin.

Since then, she had basal cell carcinoma five times and squamous cell carcinoma once. Now, she visits doctor after every six months.

In a recent interview on a TV show, she said that she only wants to motivate people through her pictures. People who are a big fan of tanning bed can see its consequences on my face.

People often neglect their skin; they do not wear sunscreen before going out. They should learn a lesson from my mistake, says Willoughby.

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