Ocean Microbes Directly Influence Climate Change and Atmosphere.

ocean microbes and climate change

A startling study shows that ocean microbes could influence and change Earth’s atmosphere.  It can compel researchers to develop new climate models and weather interpretation.

Recently, researchers from UC San Diego found that marine bacteria play a vital role in cloud properties. The way bacteria eats phytoplankton is responsible for it. Generally, bacteria break down phytoplankton into lipids and fats.  The unconsumed food of bacteria turns into airborne on the surface of ocean. As soon as it is released in atmosphere, it combines with dust and aerosol gases. The mixture turns into droplets of moisture that forms cloud.

Last year, another group of scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography have produced a model of ocean. The primary objective was to determine the ocean particles that give birth to clouds. Clouds were the main focus of the study as it is a major component of climate change. The study gained a lot of attention of concerned authorities and experts. It shows the significance of clouds in climate change

In the recent research, experts created photoplankton with the help of a wave machine. The machine was filled with approximately 3,400 gallons of water. The study reveals that microbes present in the water effortlessly change the mist of air.

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