NASA Releases Remarkable Animated Video of Ceres

NASA Animated Ceers Video

NASA has released an incredible video of dwarf planet Ceres.

The video is created with the help of Dawn Space’s recent images.  The spacecraft captured the images from a distance of 8,400 miles from the planet.

The scientists of German Aerospace Center have created the detailed video. The highly animated video includes more than eighty navigational images of Ceres. The team has slightly modified the images to make walls and mountains clear.

Ralf Jaumann, head of the team, informed that a special 3D model is used in the video.  Scientists have enhanced vertical dimensions of the model.

The US space agency lifted off Dawn spacecraft on September 2007. The primary objective was to explore two objects of asteroid belt: Vesta and Ceres.

Ceres is the largest object of asteroid belt. The dwarf planet is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is warmer and wetter as compared to the other dwarf planets.

Two months ago, the spacecraft successfully reached the largest object of the asteroid belt. Presently, it is around 440 kilometers away from the planet. It has an ultra-efficient propulsion system which is powered by xenon. The system permits spacecraft to move around the celestial object.  In addition, spacecraft uses it to get closer to the small planet.

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