New Xbox One Controller Designed For Esports By Razer


At the PAX gaming expo yesterday, gaming company Razer unveiled a new controller called the Wildcat, a peripheral designed specifically for the Xbox One. And at $150, it’s a budget-friendly controller that serves as a good alternative to Microsoft’s expensive Elite controller that we first saw at E3 earlier this year. And most of all, it’s highly customizable.

According to Razer, the Wildcat is a controller designed for e-sports competitors in mind, as it’s 25 percent lighter than the standard Xbox One controller. It also comes with four extra buttons that you can remap according to your preferences, as well as a “quick control” panel located on the bottom, allowing users to easily switch from profile to profile and tweak audio settings. It’s designed to be extra-comfortable with rubber palm rests and analog stick covers that allow for a stronger grip. The Wildcat, of course, has a gaudy lime green theme to it – not surprising considering it’s made by Razer. Expect the Wildcat to arrive in stores by October – no specific release date was given by the company.

Meanwhile, Razer also seems closer than ever to releasing the Nabu wristband, which was first unveiled at CES 2014, more than a year and a half ago. A different wristband called the Nabu X was released in the meantime, but the original Nabu seen at last year’s CES appears to be good to go, effectively ending whispers that it may be consigned to the vaporware pile.

This device has a screen to display notifications, instead of the back-to-basics LED interface found on the Nabu X. Features include sleep-tracking and step-tracking technologies, as well as a companion app for Android and iOS users alike. It’s also due for an unspecified October release date, at a price of $99.99, with pre-orders kicking off on September 15.

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