Philae Lander Wakes Up Again, Makes Contact With Mission Controllers

Philae Lander again communicated

On Sunday, Europe’s comet lander again communicated with Earth.

The space probe made short contacts of only 10 seconds. According to the mission controller, the time duration was briefer than expectations of scientists. However, it showed that the tiny space robot is safe even after seven months of hibernation.

In 2004, the European Space Agency launched Philae Probe. The space probe took more than ten years to reach its destination. It safely landed on comet 67P in November 2014. Unfortunately, the spacecraft was unable to recharge its batteries due to landing on dark region. As a result, it fell asleep.

Surprisingly, the probe woke up on Sunday as the comet changed its location. The change in location enables the spacecraft to easily recharge its batteries. However, scientists predict that it will again dormant again in fall.

Paolo Ferri, the head of operations at ESA’s mission, confirms that the comet lander made contact on Saturday night. It is certainly good news, however scientists are still trying to figure out why these contacts are so small. The European space agency is working together with other teams of engineers for this purpose.

Presently, Philae and Rosetta Lander are about 305 million km away from Earth. Message takes around 16 minutes to reach mission controllers.

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