Searching for Home-Services? Google wants to help you


“Water pipe breaks down? Perhaps you need to get some wiring done! Well, pick up your laptop and call Dr. Google!”

Now just a click away, Google has yet again brought big shots in the market competing against rivalries such as the Angie’s List Inc., TaskRabbit and Yelp Inc. for home –services providing plumbers and electricians for you.

Isn’t it the most convenient way of getting hold of all those annoying almost daily life hassles such as “clogged toilet”, dirty house or “lock repair”, now that’s something which brings in a lot of competition in the market.

Amazon has recently stepped in launching a directory listing home professionals from 41 cities. With so many other competitors in the game, it’s surely going to be a huge road turning business up ahead!

On contrary it is the battle of staying straight for the new wanderers such the and Nevertheless, apart from the services Google provides in these criteria will also be effective advertising tool for local businesses.

Commercials from locksmiths, plumbers, repairmen, electricians and home cleaners appear in special boxes, above the search results section. The service-operators selected to be included in the listings are pre-screened and qualified by Google, thus ensuring a high degree of craftsmanship and increasing soundness and efficient performance.

Google accord flexibilities to customers to review details, submit service request, contact the business directly for queries and further information. The ongoing search is to meet the rights of the customers with expertise in the field intended to cover.

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