600 Million years Old Asteroid Impact Zone Discovered in Australia

largest impact of asteroid

Researchers from Australian National University have uncovered world’s largest asteroid impact region in Australia.

The 400 kilometer wide impact zone is hidden beneath the surface of Warburton Basin.  It consists of two different impact scars.

Scientists were supposed to drill the region for two kilometers when they discovered the impact. They found mysterious rock fragments that turned into glass due to high temperature and pressure of asteroid bang.

As per the study printed in the geology Journal of Tectonophysics, scientists are completely unaware of the exact era of impact. However, the analysis of the rocks indicates that the region is nearly 300 to 600 million years old. Each fragment found from the impact zone is around 6 to 10 miles.

Such kind of huge size of asteroid can easily destroy life on Earth. Earlier, the asteroid that annihilated dinosaurs was around 6 miles wide. However, it occurred nearly 65 million years ago.

The group of researchers reported that the asteroid broke away into two pieces before it smacked the Earth.

Dr. Andrew Glikson, head researcher of the study, explained the affect of meteorite on Earth. He informs that there is a possibility of extinction of species because of the incident. So far, researchers are unable to identify the impact of asteroid on species.

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