Mother Gives Birth Conjoined Twins, But Only One Can Alive


A woman from Minnesota delivered conjoined twins despite knowing that only one of the two girls will survive.

Amber McCullough, a lawyer who also served as a captain for the Army Reserves for eight years, gave birth to twin girls Hannah and Olivia on Wednesday at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

Olivia died, but Hannah survived after the five-hour delicate surgery performed to separate them immediately after birth. Hannah is still confined in the intensive care unit, but is now reported to be stable.

“I believe in the power of prayer and the talent of medical professionals here,” said McCullough in a statement released by the hospital.

The twins were joined from the chest down to their pelvis. Prior to her delivery, McCullough had been informed that Olivia’s survival chances are very low because she had a single-ventricle heart and missing valves.

For the surviving twin Hannah, McCullough has expressed the will to do what she can to give the child a full life. She has set up a GoFundMe page to raise donations for medical and legal expenses in relation to giving birth to the twins and caring for Hannah.

“I am determined not only to do all we can to keep her alive but also to ensure she is happy and as comfortable as possible,” McCullough wrote in her GoFundMe page. “That being said, naturally there will be some uncomfortable parts of this journey in which case we will also lean on the doctors to manage her pain.”

McCullough is also a single mother to six-year old Tristan. The father of the twins, meanwhile, has left her after learning about the situation.

“The father of my daughters has at times pressured me towards abortion and became abusive as this situation has progressed,” McCullough narrated. “Thus, I am in a serious bind financially as a result of being a single mother on medical leave.”

“I have been in a position where I have had much pressure to abort at times and I refuse. Instead, I choose to embrace their life while they are here and fight like crazy to do all I can for my daughters,” McCullough further wrote.

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