Study Reveals: Use Of Omega-3 Supplements Doesn’t Boost Brain


It is always believed fish oil pills boost our brains. However, a new study has shattered it suggesting omega-3 supplements do not have any effect on cognitive decline.

The study was conducted by National Institutes of Health. Earlier in August a similar study came with the same finding. This has raised question on the efficacy of omega-3 supplements as an important part of health treatments.

Omega-3 supplements contain fish oils in concentrated version and the pills are different from the naturally found version in fish and marine algae.

According to Dr Emily Chew even though there is a popular belief related to the fish oil pills, but they failed to find any benefit out of the omega-3 supplements in any improvement to cognitive decline.

The clinical director at the National Eye Institute (which is, of course, part of the National Institutes of Health, which funded this study) goes on to say, “It is possible that eating foods rather than taking any specific single supplement may have an effect.”

About four thousand people were analyzed for six years between 2006 and 2012 in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study in its second phase. A little more than half of the participants were female and the average age of each was 72.

The focus of the study was eye exams, but cognitive tests were also done of the participants in every two years during the six years of study to measure attention and memory, immediate and delayed recall, and processing speed as well of the brain.

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